Vanessa Gaston

Interior Design Consultant, FFE & Artworks

With  deep  interest  in architecture, furniture and artworks,  Vanessa seamlessly integrates both disciplines into the  design process to deliver comprehensive  solutions  for luxury lifestyle  hospitality projects.  A  recognized  ability  to  create  innovative  designs  within  international  brand  standards  and  relative  to  market  positioning  led  to  producing  several  design  prototypes  for  projects  in  Italy and the Asia-Pacific region.


Vanessa has  been  involved  in  the  hospitality  and furniture design  for  most  of  her  career  having designed and delivered hotel, resort, restaurant and spa projects on a global scale. Through  her  thoughtful  and  creative  design  process,  she  ensures  that  each  project is successful  and unique.


Master of Arts in  Interior Design, Florence Institute of Design International, Italy

Master of Arts in Furniture Design, Florence Institute of Design International, Italy

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of the Philippines


Work Experiences

Design Consultant, International Design Associates, (2018-Present)

Vanessa Gaston Designs, (2016- 2018)

Vito Selma, Senior Designer (2013-2016)


Professional Affiliations

United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)


Honors and Awards

5th Placer, Architecture Licensure Examination

Professional Regulation Commission, Philippines