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Mansoor Nabi

Managing Partner

Mansoor is a co-founder of IDA, he is handling and managing the company's project in Pakistan and Middle East. His interest is grounded in designing meaningful experiences that enrich life through Contemporary Regionalism- design that imbues forward thinking convivial placemaking skills with local culture, history and the natural environment.


Mansoor sees architecture as a balance between science and art.  With a strong background in fine art and a natural inclination toward practical design, he strives to find balance in every project that he undertakes.  Through his extensive international experience, he has learned to take inspiration from both the local culture and the natural environment and believes that a well-designed structure should function as an asset to its surroundings, as opposed to simply an addition. Mansoor sees this idea of balance in design as an essential tenet in creating not only a unique space but also an extraordinary experience.


Master in Hospitality Management, Cornell University, USA

Certificate in Hospitality Management, Cornell University, USA

Diploma in Interior Design, Academy of Art University, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Islamic University


Key Work Experiences

Co-Founder & Managing Director, International Design Associates, (2011-Present)

Mazhar & Mansoor Interior Designing and Management (2007- 2011)


Professional Affiliations

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

American Hotel and Lodging Associations (AHLA)

International Council of Interior Designers (ICIAD)

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